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We want to help you manifest your dreams faster by putting you in your own vision board.

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We create the experience. You feel the emotions that go with the experience. We document the whole thing so you can look back at images and videos and remember how you felt in that moment.

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Mindset Coach, Sunni Lippincott

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Visuals, Trisha LaCoste

On Saturday, January 30, we will be hosting our first event — The Abundance Experience. This day will be all about creating vision boards and manifesting the lives we desire. 

What makes this event special? Well, we’re going to be putting you in your own vision board. We’ve rented a mansion, a Rolls Royce Cullinan, and a Ferrari 488 Spider. 

Abundance isn’t about things… it’s about BELIEF. It’s believing that you are worthy of having abundance. This event is to help you visualize yourself in a way that will give  you that belief.

If you choose to attend, you will spend 30 minutes with Mindset Coach, Sunni Lippincott. She will guide each of us in ways to shift our thought power in a new direction in order to clarify our goals. After that, you will enjoy a photo shoot on the property and in the cars with worldwide photographer, Trisha LaCoste.  These photos will be perfect for you to create a vision board starring YOU. What better way to manifest a life you love than to put yourself in your own vision board? We will also shoot some video clips that will be edited into an affirmation video with your affirmations as a voiceover — recorded by you. After the photo shoot, you’ll get to network with others who have a similar mindset. Because we want to ensure our attendees understand the role of manifestation in our lives, we are accepting applications for attendance.

We would love to have you as a part of this special event. We will choose 18 people who we believe will bring good energy and have a mindset that aligns with our vision. We truly want to help you live a life you LOVE. 

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